Harvey Eugene Whitacre

harvey_eugene_whitacre_01Harvey Eugene Whitacre is a Corporal in the U.S. Army  who was last seen at a bowling alley in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the night of June 30, 1947. Harvey Eugene Whitacre was treasurer of his bowling league and was carrying about $400 in cash on him at the time he went missing. Harvey Eugene Whitacre did not return to the Sandia Base as of rollcall the next day, July 1, 1947. The FBI and the Department of Defense spent much time and effort questioning family members, wire tapping their phones, and intercepting mail in the hopes that Gene would contact one of them. Nothing was ever found. He was possibly privy to some sensitive information due to his job in the army at the base. His rank was corporal. The army denied he had access to any information that would endanger national security. but, they spent a lot of time and effort looking for someone that supposedly didn’t know anything. Harvey Eugene Whitacre’s broken glasses, necktie, army cap, and shirt with slash marks were found in a side street near the bowling alley. Harvey Eugene Whitacre has never been found.

Harvey Eugene Whitacre was 20 to 21 years old at the time he went missing in 1947. Harvey Eugene Whitacre is 5 feet 8 inches tall to 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed approximately 145 to 165 pounds.  Harvey Eugene Whitacre has brown hair which was cut in a military style haircut at the time he went missing.  Harvey Eugene Whitacre has brown eyes which are described in official reports as “kind of asian looking”.  He wore very strong prescription glasses.  At the time he went missing, Harvey Eugene Whitacre was wearing Army issued casual dress (pants, shirt, tie and cap) with Army issued shoes

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Harvey Eugene Whitacre, contact the Albuquerque New Mexico Police Department at 505-242-2677 reference case # 14-0074395. (NamUs MP#23362)

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