Andrew Lee Muns

andrew_lee_muns_02Andrew Lee Muns was a payroll officer aboard the USS Cacapon based in Subic Bay in the Philippines when we was last seen aboard the ship on January 17, 1968.  Shortly after Andrew Lee Muns went missing, it was identified that $8600.00 was missing from a safe which as a payroll officer, Andrew Lee Muns would have had access to.  Andrew Lee Muns was subsequently listed as a deserter and the investigation into his disappearance was closed.

In 1998, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service re-opened the case of Andrew Lee Muns based on the results of recent interviews with other Sailors that served aboard the USS Cacapon at the same time as Andrew Lee Muns.  As investigators conducted interviews after the case was re-opened, Michael Edward LeBrun, a former Sailor who had served alongside Andrew Lee Muns, had confessed to beating Andrew Lee Muns to death after LeBrun had been caught by Muns stealing the money from the safe.  Michael Edward LeBrun claimed he disposed of the stolen money and the body of Andrew Lee Muns in one of the ship’s fuel oil tanks.  Ironically, those same tanks were searched approximately one week after the disappearance of Andrew Lee Muns with negative results in 1968. Michael Edward LeBrun plead guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison.  The body of Andrew Lee Muns has never been recovered.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the remains of Andrew Lee Muns, contact the Naval Criminal Investigative Service at 800-479-9685.

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