Charlotte Estella Rexroad Wyne

charlotte_estella_rexroad_wyne_01Charlotte Estella Rexroad Wyne served as a member of the U.S. Navy WAVES prior to her disappearance on March 11, 1970 from Canton, Ohio.  Though the official name was the U.S. Naval Reserve (Women’s Reserve), the acronym WAVES was commonly used and stood for “Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service”.  The keyword “emergency” implied that the women were accepted into service only due to the unusual “emergency” circumstances of World War II and would not be allowed to continue a career in the U.S. Navy following the war (wikipedia: WAVES)

Charlotte Estella Rexroad Wyne, also known as Charlotte Wyne, but listed in the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Database (NamUs) as Charlotte Estella Rexroad, went missing from Canton, Ohio after leaving the McKinley Hotel on March 11, 1970 to do laundry, never to return.  Charlotte Rexroad left behind her boyfriend, her 3 daughters and 1 son.  The two youngest children were fathered by her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, Freeman Wyne.

Freeman Wyne, was referred to as “Red” because of his hair color, was described by one of Charlotte’s brothers as a “bad actor and as worthless as they come”.  Freeman Wyne is described as a drinker, a freeloader and a person with sticky fingers.  Freeman Wyne died in 2008.  Glenn Rexroad, Jr. said that his sister often attracted the wrong type of person.  During Charlotte’s time in the U.S. Navy WAVES, she became pregnant with her first child.  The father was rumored to be a married Naval Officer.

The McKinley Hotel, where Charlotte, her boyfriend and her four children were staying was four blocks away from what the police officers referred to as Canton, Ohio’s “skid row”.  The area consisted of a strip of bars where retired police officer James Crawford described it as  “the type of place that someone would get out of jail and spend their last five dollars on wine”.    To this day, nobody has heard from or seen Charlotte Estella Rexroad Wyne.

Charlotte Estella Rexroad Wyne was 34 years old at the time she went missing in 1970.  Charlotte Rexroad is 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed approximately 105 to 125 at the time she went missing.  Charlotte has black hair and blue eyes.  When Charlotte was last seen, she was wearing a grey coat, pink blouse, blue skirt, blue scarf and brown slippers.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Charlotte Estella Rexroad Wyne, contact the Canton Police Department at 330-489-3283 reference case # 566798.  (NamUs MP # 19498).

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