Marty Dean Small

marty_dean_small_01Marty Dean Small was 47 years old when he went missing on November 19, 1981 from the Coast Guard Cutter ‘Fir’ near Seattle, Washington.  Marty Small was residing in the Psychiatric Ward at the Veteran’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington, due to being diagnosed as having ‘Maniac Depressive Disorder’, and having had experienced suicidal ideation. He had committed himself into the Veteran’s Administration Psychiatric program. Mr. Small agreed to participate in a holiday cruise, sponsored by the VA hospital, with Elks Club members as chaperones.

There was utterly inadequate supervision on board the Coast Guard Cutter ‘Fir’. At the time the mentally ill patients boarded the vessel(early evening),the head count was 29 patients accounted for. Once the cutter docked back on Lake Union, the vessel’s starting point, and the patients had disembarked from the vessel, only 28 male patients were able to be accounted for by the staff. At that time, Marty Small could not be located, nor has he been seen since the night of the holiday cruise, November 19, 1981. Marty Small’s wallet was located on board the vessel. The body of Marty Dean Small was never recovered from the Puget Sound or from Lake Union, where the holiday cruise had taken place. His family has been in agony, as more than 30 years has passed, with no resolution to his case. He has been considered to be ‘missing, presumed drowned’ and a death certificate was filed with the King County Coroner’s office, in 1989, without his remains ever being located. There has been no way to properly lay Mr. Small to rest, or even to be able to fully and completely grieve his death.

Marty Dean Small is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 160 to 180 pounds at the time of his disappearance in 1981. Marty Small has strawberry-blonde hair and is usually clean shaven.  It is believed that at the time of his disappearance, he had about 1 to 2 days of facial hair growth.  Marty has blue eyes.  At the time of his disappearance, Marty was wearing a green in color down jacket with blue jeans, sneakers and possible a gold chain choker type necklace around his neck.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Marty Dean Small, contact the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS Seattle), Special Agent Jay Campbell at 360-257-1605 reference case # 24-JAN14-NWWH-7HNA (NamUs MP # 20998)

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