Virginia Alice Welch

virginia_alice_welch_01Virginia Alice Welch served in the U.S. Army a few years before she went missing July 9, 1982 in Roanoke, Virginia.  Virginia Welch’s family says that the years following her medical discharge from the U.S. Army, Virginia “was into biker gangs and drugs”.  Virginia apparently told her family that she was “in too deep”, but could not tell her family what that entailed.  Virginia’s mother, Rosie Welch, said that Virginia kept a wooden box with a lock on it.  The box contained a letter that if something happened to her, would explain everything.

Virginia was 22 years old when she went to visit her family for the last time.  Following the visit with her family, weeks went by and they did not hear from Virginia and grew concerned.  Rosie Welch, Virginia’s mother contacted Virginia’s roommate, Rodney Goins, but he offered no information other than Virginia had walked off carrying a plastic bag.  Virginia’s mother, remembering what Virginia had said about the letter in the locked wooden box, set out to get that letter. Unfortunately, when she found the box at Virginia’s residence, the hinges were broken and the letter was gone.

Virginia Alice Welch is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed approximately 135 pounds at the time she went missing.  Virginia has brown curly hair, blue eyes, and several tattoos.  Virginia Welch’s tattoos include:

  • Tattoo of a red rose on her right forearm.
  • Tattoo of a hummingbird on her left breast.
  • Tattoo of eagle wings on right shoulder.
  • Rebel flag and the words “live to ride, ride to live”
  • Cobra snake tattoo on her upper left leg.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Virginia Alice Welch, contact the Roanoke City Police Department at 540-853-5959.  (NamUs MP # 1173)

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