Jerry Wayne Lackey

jerry_lackey_01Jerry Wayne Lackey is a former Army Ranger who had served two tours in Vietnam and was last seen on July 29, 1985 leaving his sister and brother in law’s house in Roebuck, Alabama after confiding in them that he had planned go into the woods, dig a grave and commit suicide.  Since returning from Vietnam, Jerry Lackey had personal issues that he was having trouble dealing with.  Jerry’s wife had left him for another man around 1973. His ex wife would later marry this man, but this man would murder her in 1983.  At the time of his disappearance, Jerry was living with his mother in Roebuck, Alabama, had not been dating any women and any jobs that he worked did not seem to last very long.

On July 29, 1985, while visiting his sister and brother in law for the last time, Jerry handed them three letters which were later determined to be suicide notes.  In the notes, it was mentioned that life had not been all that he had expected.  He also mentioned that he felt the forest was the only place he felt at home and he planned on taking a long walk in the woods in a secluded area near the St. Clair / Jefferson County line.  Jerry had planned to spend two days alone before digging a grave, burying himself and committing suicide.

While at his sister and brother in law’s house, Jerry showed his brother in law a backpack which contained a sawed off 20 gauge shotgun, a .357 caliber handgun and a small collapsible shovel known as an entrenching tool which is commonly used within the U.S. Military.

Jerry drove away in his 1982 Chevrolet pickup truck and his brother in law contacted the police which had apparently refused to help.  His truck was later located on Weaver Avenue, near Interstate 20, in St Clair County, Alabama. Blood hounds from St. Clair Correctional covered the area adjacent to the location of the truck with no success.

It was later determined that Jerry Lackey had sold off his personal belongings and left the money to his mother with whom he had been living.

Jerry Wayne Lackey was 36 years old at the time he went missing in 1985.  Jerry Lackey is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed approximately 160 pounds at the time he went missing.  Jerry Lackey has dark blonde / strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.  Jerry was last seen wearing blue jeans and a light brown plaid shirt.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Jerry Wayne Lackey, contact the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office, Sgt David Agee at 205-325-1450 reference case # 85077400. (NamUs MP # 4777)

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