Donald Joseph Connell

donald_connell_06Donald Joseph Connell is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who went missing on December 2, 1986 in Newport, Rhode Island.  Donald “Donnie” Connell left his parents house on foot to meet his sister at her home which was one street away.  His sister was driving to her house and when she arrived, he was not there.  Donald Connell was reported missing by his father ten days later on December 12, 1986, his sister’s birthday.

Because Donald was over 21 years of age, law enforcement did not thoroughly investigate his disappearance as it being a result of wrongdoing. At the time of Donald’s disappearance, missing persons were not broadcast and published in media as widely as they are now and there was no major search for Donald Connell

The family of Donald Connell and the Newport Police Detectives are still trying to obtain the medical and dental records for Donald Connell, but are having a tough time.  As of November 18, 2015, Donald Connell’s sister shared that Senator Jack Reed’s Aide Wendy DelCarmen contacted her and she will be sending her a ‘Waiver for Senate Assistance’ allowing Senator Reed to intercede and act on my/my brother’s behalf to obtain and review documentation from the USMC and/or the Veterans Administration for Donny’s medical/dental records.

Donald Joseph Connell was 28 years old when he went missing in December 1986.  Donald Connell is 6 feet tall and weighs 150 to 180 pounds.  Donald Connell has brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Donald Joseph Connell, contact the Newport Police Department at 401-847-1306 reference case #08-31602-0F. (NamUs MP# 30939)

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  1. Anita Cornell Gifford

    Thank you for sharing my brothers story. Senator Reed has sent a letter informing me his office is unable to assist any further. The local PD declined my request to call a press conference but did inform me that if I assembled one, they would respond to any inquiries.
    My heartfelt thank you to all who have shared, taken the time to read or have sent me messages. It makes this long long journey does not seem so lonely
    Anita Cornell Gifford


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