James Wood

james_Wood_01James Wood is a Vietnam Veteran who was last seen in Cantonsville, Maryland in 1987. Before the Vietnam War, James Wood was such a talented baseball player that the Pittsburgh Pirate Baseball Team had scouted him. Rather than playing baseball, James Wood decided to join the Army to fight in Vietnam with the Special Forces. James Wood had written letters home often while in Vietnam, but then the letters stopped. Family assumed he was dead or that he had been taken prisoner of war once the letters stopped coming, but they were later told that James Wood was missing and presumed dead. Unknown to them James Wood was lost in the jungles of Vietnam, doing what he could do to survive and a few years later, James Wood would return to the United States a changed man. James Wood started to coach baseball many years after he returned to the United States, but he had apparently told his father that “There are some things I did, one day I’ll have to face almighty God about them” and he also talked about getting away. James Wood left Cantonsville, Maryland in 1987.

Louisa Buckingham, a close friend of James Wood, has frequently written to James through the Veteran’s association for years with no replies until in September of 1998 when she received a mysterious postcard saying “Enjoy your cruise”, which was signed “Jim” and had a Phoenix, Arizona postmark. The father of James Wood believes that the card was written by his son.

James Wood was 44 years old at the time he went missing in 1987. James Wood is about 6 feet tall and weighed approximately 120 pounds. His weight loss may be attributed to unknown health issues that some claim he had the year prior to his disappearance. James Wood has brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of James Wood, contact the Morro Bay Police Department at 805-772-6225

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