Ellis Faison Sr

ellis_faison_01Ellis Faison Sr is a U.S. Navy Veteran who served in World War II and was last seen around his Kenansville, North Carolina home on August 9, 1989. After his time in the Navy, Ellis Faison Sr worked as a carpenter and repairman for the county school system.  Ellis Faison Sr may have had a problem with alcohol and police think that the combination of alcohol and prescription medication in his system may have affected his mind.  On the day that he went missing, Ellis Faison Sr was seen talking with deceased relatives and even asked his wife to get them some water.

On the night he went missing, Ellis Faison Sr called the police twice, once at 9:00 PM and at 9:30 PM because he thought he had seen some teenagers in his car that he kept parked next to his house.  Police arrived and found nothing suspicious that led them to believe anyone was in or near his car.  Around 11:30 PM, Ellis Faison Sr walked out his front door and disappeared.  A neighbor saw Ellis Faison Sr on the night of August 9, 1989 and said he was running and appeared scared.  A few minutes later she saw another man walk by and called the police because she said that based on his appearance, she thought he may have escaped from a local jail. Police were not able to locate the man she called about.  While searching for Ellis Faison Sr, his hat was found in a neighbors yard and a coffee mug full of whiskey was found in his carport.  Ellis Faison Sr left without his shoes, which family says is unlike Ellis Faison Sr since he wore the shoes all the time, even inside the home because of his fear of snakes.

Ellis Faison Sr was 63 years old when he went missing in 1989. Ellis Faison Sr is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed approximately 115 pounds around the time he went missing.  Ellis Faison Sr has gray or partially gray hair and brown eyes. Ellis Faison Sr has a crooked right pinky finger and walks with a limp in his right leg.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Ellis Faison Sr. contact the Kenansville Police Department, Captain James Strickland at 910-296-0369 reference case # 003189. (NamUs MP # 5139)

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