Jason William “Bill” Dies

jason_william_dies_01Jason William “Bill” Dies is a U.S. Navy Sailor (EW3) assigned to the USS Horne who is considered missing from San Diego, California after being declared an unauthorized absentee on July 18, 1991 by the U.S. Navy.  On September 19, 1991, Jason William Dies was reclassified as a deserter by the U.S. Navy.  Prior to his disappearance, Jason William Dies contacted a family member by phone and explained that he was sending some packages.  His instructions were not to open the packages, but just keep them safe.  He did not provide any other information about the intentions for the packages.  The packages arrived, dated with a June 18, 1991 postmark and with a return address of EW3 Jason Dies NTTC Corry station Pensacola ,FL 32511 which was different than the address he currently held with the USS Horne.

While searching for Jason William Dies, the Navy talked with family members who were confused and did not fully understand what was going on.  Because they thought he may be in trouble, they did not open the packages he had sent and instead put them into storage.  Family members later learned that Jason William Dies was on leave and had no more than 30 days to report to his next duty station which was Corry station in Pensacola ,Florida.  When he did not report to this next duty station (Corry Station), he was declared unauthorized absence (Absent Without Leave).

The packages were opened many years later and were found to contain gifts for his family members in Louisiana such as gifts from the USS Horne that he served on.  Family has come to the conclusion that Jason mailed the packages back to his hometown intending to make a surprise visit in Louisiana and surprise his family with the gifts.

NCIS did not report Jason William Dies as a missing person and instead classified him as a deserted because of a lack of evidence leading to foul play being involved.

Jason William Dies was 20 years old at the time he went missing. Jason William Dies is 6 feet tall and weighed approximately 180 pounds.  Jason William Dies has black hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Jason William Dies, contact the Escambia County Sheriffs Office at 850-436-9199 reference case # ECSO130ff002282. (NamUs MP# 19028)

USSHorne.net (If you knew Bill Dies): http://www.usshorne.net/if_you_knew_bill_dies.html

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