Edward Junitz

edward_junitz_03Edward Junitz is Korean War Veteran who went missing on August 26, 2002 while sailing his home-built steel sailboat in the vicinity of Puerto DePortivo, BenAlmadecia Spain.  Edward’s home-built steel sailboat is a 47-50 foot single mast sloop named “Eddy”.  The boat has a 65 foot mast and is Maroon in color with a white deck and cabin (see photo gallery below).  His boat has a steel plate welded inside the engine room with the numbers 1064311.  A Smiley face is located by the name of the boat.  At the time, Edward Junitz may have been flying a Portuguese flag on the boat.

Edward Junitz’s boat, Eddy, was well stocked for a long voyage.  Edward was also travelling with his dog, a large black labrador mix named “Skippy”.  Edward was last heard from in the area near Puerto DePortivo, BenAlmadecia Spain and had expressed the intent of sailing to Barcelona, Spain.

Edward Junitz was 71 years old at the time he went missing in 2002.  Edward is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed approximately 160 to 170 pounds.  Edward has receding white hair and blue eyes and is known to have a large white mustache.  Edward has a mole in his upper eyelashes and he has many small scars on his upper body and scars on his back.  Edward Junitz also has two steel rods in his body and shrapnel in his body from his time in combat during the Korean War.

Edward was most likely wearing a waterproof silver utilitarian watch and prescription glasses.  He required bifocals / trifocals.  Edward had with him a pocket knife that is described as a two blade lockback.  His knife was well maintained and he always kept it sharp.  Edward also had in his possession a black leather wallet with cash, an ATM card, 1-2 credit cards, a drivers license and his passport.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Edward Junitz, contact the Fort Pierce Police Department, Detective Kathleen Murphy, at 772-468-1805 extension 5283 reference case # 2002-4-13296. (NamUs MP # 1766)

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