Charles Ellsworth Duke

charles_duke_01Charles Ellsworth Duke, a disabled U.S. Army Veteran who sustained a gunshot wound in Vietnam, went missing around August 17, 2003 after high-centering a van in Vogel Canyon, Colorado and leaving on foot.   Charles Duke was travelling with his female companion (Pam) on an unpaved mountain road leading to the Vogel Canyon Picnic Area when they van they were travelling in became high-centered.

This version of events is from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons website at

Unable to perform self-recovery to free the van, Charles and Pam set out on foot to find the picnic area.  After wandering around for several hours with no luck finding the picnic area, Charles and Pam split up at about noon on August 18, 2003 [sic].  Charles continued to search for the picnic area on foot while Pam stayed put.  (The report was listed in NamUs has having been received on August 17, 2003.  That is the day before NamUs describes when he went missing)

This version of the events is from the North America Missing Persons Network at

Unable to perform self-recovery to free the van, Charles and Pam decided they would abandon the van and walk back to town for help on August 16, 2003 [sic].  Pam was unable to make the walk, so Charles set out on his own.  Charles never arrived to the town and Pam was eventually found by a local rancher. ( lists the date as Aug 16, 2003 which does not match the two different dates listed in NamUs)

Charles Ellsworth Duke was 57 years old when he was last seen in 2003.  Charles Duke is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed approximately 155 pounds at the time of his disappearance.  Charles has brown hair and hazel eyes with a scar on his right elbow.  The location of his gunshot wound sustained in Vietnam is unknown, but he did seek treatement from a VA Hospital and is considered a disabled veteran.

IF you have any information about the whereabouts of Charles Ellsworth Duke, contact the Otero County Sheriffs Office at 719-384-5941 reference case # 03-0644. (NamUs MP # 21751)

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