James J Arthur

james_j_arthur_01James J Arthur is a U.S. Military Veteran who went missing on July 28, 2008 after leaving his home to go on a hiking or fishing expedition at Star Lakes in Madera County, California. James J Arthur told his family that he planned to go fishing at Star Lakes in the Sierra National Forest, would stop in Big Sandy for lunch and then return home.  James J Arthur left in his dark blue in color Dodge Ram pickup truck which was later found by search and rescue personnel near the entrance to Iron Lakes.  Iron lakes is located southeast of Star Lakes and is a 14.4 mile drive.  Two people had reported seeing James J Arthur on a steep trail to Iron Lakes and said they stopped and spoke with him a little.  They said that he was hiking towards Iron Lakes and had stopped to take a rest.

James J Arthur is a graduate of Fresno State, a decorated Veteran and also a retired Air National Guard Lieutenant who had previously been the spokesman for the 144th Fighter Wing.  At the time James J Arthur went missing, he was 67 years old.  James J Arthur is 6 feet tall and weighed approximately 189 pounds.  James has gray hair and brown eyes.  When James J Arthur was last seen, he was wearing a light jacket, orange t-shirt and blue jeans with a straw hat.  James J Arthur was also carrying a cane and a camera.  It is reported that he may have also been carrying a pistol with snake shot loaded to fend off rattlesnakes.  James J Arthur’s camera is an Olympus model SP-55OUZ with 7.1 MP and 18X Optical.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of James J Arthur, contact the Madera County Sheriffs Department at 559-675-7770.

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      Darlene Carrington wrote the above comment about this missing gentleman. Her son is now lost as well. We hope that he is found! Barbara Semple


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