Jesse “Sven” Green

Update July 28,2013: Jesse “Sven” Green has been located alive in Flagstaf, Arizona

SEARCH_ENDEDJesse “Sven” is a 52 year old Veteran who disappeared under suspicious circumstances on Sunday July 21, 2013 from Jim Thorpe PA. His wherabouts are unknown and his family needs him back. Jesse “Sven” Green was last seen leaving Reiley’s Pub at 1550 State Route 903, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229.

He left Reily’s at around 9-10 pm or so after having 2 beers as per the woman who served him. He was not intoxicated and was not prone to getting drunk.  He did not show up for work at 9am Monday and has been no call no show for 5 consecutive days. He has not missed a day of work in more than 3 years.  Jesse is former Airborne Ranger has a tattoo of a soldier shooting on his right arm with an 82nd Airborne logo. On his back he has a tattoo of a woman on the back of a polar bear. Jesse is a responsible father of two and is not the type of person to go MIA. The bike missing from his house is a white bike with red stripes, Trek is the brand. Jesse “Sven” Green  works at Skirmish USA as a gun tech, and Pocono Whitewater/Biking as a guide so he knows the areas very well.  He is also a very active biker who likes to take long trips alone.

Jesse “Sven” Green is Filipino and stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.  He has black hair and may or may not have a mustache.  He was last seen wearing a tan baseball hat, reading glasses, black shirt maybe a SKIRMISH shirt, blue jeans or jean shorts.  Jesse “Sven” Green drives a 2001 Subaru Outback with a large bike rack (dark midnight blackish blue and tan two-toned with paintball stick figure on back & tan interior/sunroof) license plate #: ENW 0207.

A facebook page has been set up for Jesse “Sven” Green:

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