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joseph_weber_01Joseph Weber is 28 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 190 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Joseph Weber enrolled at De Anza College to study Criminal Justice. He had wanted to be a Peace Officer. In 2006 he decided to join the Army as an MP (Military Police). He completed two tours of Iraq. The things he told us that happened to him on his first tour was enough to make anyone cry. Along the way he was in an explosion that caused him traumatic brain injury and he started suffering seizures. At this point his hopes of becoming a Peace Officer were pretty much dashed. He should have received more medical attention but going on the next Mission was the Army way. After military service he found it hard to adjust and deal with his nightmares, PSTD and TBI. He struggle greatly and found it difficult to function normally. In 2013 he moved with his wife to California where both his wife and he went to school with plans of getting a place of their own. He wanted to become a Nutritionist because he said he wanted to help people. Things didn’t work out well and his wife went back to Kentucky. The VA could see little problem with him, which was a great disappointment for all of us. He struggled in many ways; both his marriage and school work were failing. He blamed himself for all the failure. He started also to suffer from migraine headaches. As a family we all struggled with trying to help Joseph make sense of his world, but it was often difficult. On Monday 11/24/2014 he left home. A person of his description was seen leaving his car at the north side of Golden Gate Bridge, and then walking onto the bridge at about 3PM that day. His phone was last on at approximately 8PM that evening, location not known. And that was the last information we have about him. The police report because no known criminal action had taken place has put him on the Missing Persons List.

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If you have information about Joseph Weber, contact the Sunnyvale Police Department Case # CR14-8741 408) 730-7100

A news article about Joseph Weber:


U.S. Army Veteran, Joseph Weber IV of Sunnyvale, Calif., was last seen in San Francisco on November 24, 2014. Joseph is…

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  1. Aslinn

    If you are out there Joseph, please know that you are loved and missed by so many, you are strong and knowledgeable, be safe and return home!
    Your sister!


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