David Demeree

Updated June 29, 2015: The search for David Demeree has ended. Mr. Demeree has contacted law enforcement (Ohio State Police) and confirmed not only his identity, but that he is ok and safe.

SEARCH_ENDEDDavid Demeree is a U.S. Army Veteran who was last seen at his home in Independence, Missouri on June 13, 2015.  David Demeree was selling his motorcycle and was supposed to meet a prospective buyer  on June 13, 2015 who would accompany him on a five hour drive in David’s 2008 Blue Honda Civic (Missouri License plate HE9-B7H) to a friend’s house in Jackson, Missouri where the motorcycle was being stored.  David Demeree never showed up in Jackson, Missouri. David Demeree has a brother who is about to undergo a kidney transplant and it is unlike him to not stay in contact with his family.  David’s landlord checked the inside of his apartment and found nothing unusual.   David Demeree and his vehicle have not been seen since June 13, 2015.

Photo from Independence Police Department

Photo from Independence Police Department

Updated June 25, 2015: An Independence Missouri Police Detective has been able to trace David Demeree to Cleveland, Ohio and obtained a photo of David taken on June 16, 2015 from surveillance cameras in a store.  David Demeree is still considered endangered by the police until they can make contact with him to ensure he is ok.

David Demeree is 49 years old as of the date he went missing in June, 2015 (DOB 4/29/1966).  David Demeree is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 260 pounds.  David Demeree has gray hair, brown eyes and wears prescription glasses.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of David Demeree, contact the Independence Missouri Police Department at 816-325-7300 or the Missouri State Highway Patrol Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 573-526-6178

MO Highway Patrol Missing Person Poster: http://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/MSHP…

News Article: http://www.kmbc.com/news/concerns-grow…


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