James Moore Jr

Updated February 12, 2015: We have removed James Moore from the “missing section and have moved him to “search ended” as of the last date that he logged into his facebook account and updated his page.

SEARCH_ENDEDJames Moore Jr is a 31 year old U.S. Army Veteran who was last physically seen on January 2, 2015 in Utica, New York.  James had confided in his Mother that he was afraid of staying at his apartment in Utica, New York because some people knew that he was going to be receving $20,000 in Social Security Benefits soon.  The last time James Moore spoke with his Mother was about 15 January, 2015 and he told her that he was staying at a Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland and he was “Just calling to say I love you and goodbye”.  His Mother, Victoria Chwazik said that James is a physically and mentally disabled U.S. Army Veteran and that he has been hearing voices and depressed.  She also claims that James is addicted to Opiates*.

James Moore Jr has a 3 year old son in Ohio and Victoria Chwazik does not believe that her son (James Moore Jr.) would just abandon his apartment in Utica, especially since he has several other benefit checks that are waiting to be cashed.

As of this time (January 30, 2015) a missing person report has not and cannot be filed because according to Utica Police Lt. Steven Hauck, “There is no solid reason to believe that (James) Moore is in danger.  In order for us to list someone as a missing person, there have to be some sort of exigent circumstances to list them as being in danger,” Lt. Hauck said. “But there’s nothing, from the information that we’ve received so far, to say that’s the case, although that’s not to say that he isn’t in danger.”*

Someone “Changed his profile picture” on what appears to be the facebook page for James Moore Jr on January 23, 2015.  A person commented on the changed profile picture with “Whats up dude where you at got made people worried about you cuz so hit someone up so we know your ok” (see screenshot in image gallery below)

News Article: http://www.uticaod.com/article/20150130/NEWS/150139957?Start=1

If you have any information about the whereabouts of James Moore Jr, contact the Utica Police Department at 315-735-3301



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