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joshua_michael_devine_02Joshua Michael Devine is a 36 year old U.S. Army Veteran who went missing at around 4:00 AM on April 11, 2015 while on a dive tour boat heading towards the Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand.  Joshua Michael Devine was in Thailand with his wife Tassana and two friends to go on a five day extended stay SCUBA diving tour.  The extended stay SCUBA diving trip that they were participating in meant they would spend multiple days aboard the boat about approximately 18 miles from the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

The boat left around midnight on the 10th of April. Upon boarding the boat, Joshua’s wife went to sleep and Joshua supposedly stayed up drinking alcohol with some fellow divers he had just met on the boat.  Witnesses told Joshua’s family that Joshua seemed aggressive and paranoid on the boat.  Two divers on the boat brought him down to a storage room around 3:45 AM hoping that Joshua Devine would calm down.  The two divers left for 10 to 15 minutes and when they returned, Joshua Michael Devine was gone.   Joshua’s wife awoke several hours after Joshua want missing to find Joshua gone and alerted the boat’s captain who ordered a search of the boat which yielded no results.

Joshua Michael Devine is a master diver, rescue diver and a dive instructor, so the family said that the reports of Joshua Michael Devine drinking heavily with other divers seemed uncharacteristic of him because he fully understands the dangers of mixing diving and alcohol. Joshua Michael Devine was not reported missing for 6 hours after he disappeared which leads family to believe that foul play may be involved in his disappearance.

Updated April 13, 2015:  Police in Phuket, Thailand called off the search for Joshua Michael Devine on Monday citing a lack in personnel.  Police have said that the personnel are needed on mainland to help control tourists and local residents celebrating the the Thai New Year festival of Songkran.  The Superintendent of the Phuket Marine Police is going to ask the Thai Navy to resume the search for Joshua.

Updated April 14, 2015: My Record Journal reports that “on the night that Joshua went missing, he came into their room very drunk.  Joshua was making noise and two men entered the room and escorted Joshua out of the room.  The two men later came back, but Joshua was gone and Joshua was reported missing around 10:00 AM.  A search was conducted for Joshua from 10:00 AM until sundown.

Updated April 14, 2015: reports that five people from on board the Chontara I, the boat that Joshua Michael Devine disappeared from, are being transported back to the shore by speed boat for questioning in the disappearance of Joshua.   The article also mentions that the two people were drinking with Joshua in an equipment storeroom and left him alone for about 10 minutes.  When they returned, Joshua was gone.

Updated April 15, 2015: reports another version of what happened prior to the disappearance of Joshua Michael Devine.  According to the article, Joshua Michael Devine was drinking with others on the boat.  He then left the group and they thought he had gone to use the bathroom.  About 15 minutes after he had left and not yet returned, his wife (Tassana) and others from the group went to look for him.

Updated April 15, 2015: NBC News reports Tassana Devine (Joshua’s Wife) as saying that around 4:00 AM, her husband entered their room on the boat.  He was yelling and spilling beer everywhere and made a mess of the room. He was acting irrationally and believed the light fittings were secret cameras.  He smashed the light and pulled the cables out and also “pulled her hair”.   Joshua then tried to gain entry into another room across the hall which alerted other people who tried to calm him down and assure him there were no secret cameras.  Two other passengers then took Joshua to the back of the boat to calm him down and once back there, Joshua asked to be left alone.  They came back to check on him about 15 minutes later and he was gone.  One of the men who had brought Joshua to the back of the boat knocked on the door and asked Tassana if Joshua had come back to bed.

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If you have any information about the whereabouts of Joshua Michael Devine, contact the U.S. Embassy in Thailand using the following information:

Emergencies During Office Hours
Calling from inside Thailand: 02-205-4000, 4049
Calling from U.S.: 011-66-2-205-4000, 4049
Ask for American Citizens Services

After Hours Emergencies
Calling from inside Thailand: 02-205-4000
Calling from U.S.: 011-66-2-205-4000
Ask for the Duty Officer

Joshua Michael Devine is a 36 year old U.S. Army Veteran who went missing at around 4:00 AM on April 11, 2015 while on a…

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    1. Missing VeteransMissing Veterans Post author

      You are correct. Initial reports are rarely 100% accurate. A few more news articles mention different accounts of the events leading to Joshua’s disappearance and they are listed above as updates with links to the news sources. One says he was intoxicated when he entered the room with his wife and was escorted out by two persons. The other says two persons were drinking with him in a storeroom, left and returned to find him gone. The initial reports were that he was drinking, was relocated to the storeroom and then disappeared. Luckily, some passengers are being transported back for questioning today and hopefully a more accurate depiction of the events that led to his disappearance are released.

  1. Missing VeteransMissing Veterans Post author

    Added another account of the possible chain of events prior to the disappearance of Joshua. This time it is from another local news source dated April 15, 2015.

  2. Tonya Blackburn

    …so sad!! Whatever the circumstances, there is a missing American veteran and a broken hearted family. My prayers go out to them.

  3. Vicki howelll

    So very odd. So very sad. Doesn’t add up. Either he had a psychotic break and went into a dissociative state or people are lying out their ass. If he has no psychiatric history then I Suspect the later. Prayers to his family.

  4. Richie Mann

    What I don’t understand is why his wife changed her story- that is very strange. If it was just the other’s doing so it would make more sense (like they got in an argument or fight or something & he was knocked or thrown overboard) but since his wife changed her story then it looks like she’s involved & that changes everything. I highly doubt they will ever find his remains but they may find the truth.


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