Michael Robinson

michael_robinson_07Michael “Mike” Robinson is a U.S. Army Veteran who was last seen when he left Bend, Oregon on or about the 28th of July, 2015.  Michael Robinson was travelling the 131 miles to Burns, Oregon with his dog, Charlie in his truck.  Michael’s truck was located August 5, 2015 on the side of the road, abandoned and without fuel, by the Harney Police Department approximately 104 miles away from Bend, Oregon on Highway 20 just before the Highway 20/395 junction.  Michael and his dog Charlie (photo below) have yet to be located.  A missing persons report was submitted to Dechutes County Police Department, but since Michael’s truck was located in Harney County, Harney County Police Department is working this case.


Michael Robinson is 23 years old as of the date he went missing in July 2015.  Michael is 6 feet tall with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Charlie, Michael’s dog was last known to be wearing a red, white and blue bandana or cloth, possibly in an American Flag pattern, tied around its neck.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Michael Robinson and or Charlie (his dog), contact the Harney County police department at 541-573-6156. (NamUs MP # 31248)

News Article: http://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/3409632-15…


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  1. Bonnie

    Do we know what kind of truck? Friends saw a truck abandoned on the 3rd near that location. Thought it might help with timeliine.

        1. Tasha

          Becky I didn’t know your son very well, but I knew his wife. We were all stationed at fort benning. I just wanted you to know your family is in our prayers, and hopefully you hear something soon.

  2. Jessica

    Becky, This is Jessica, David’s cousin. We are all sharing this information and have many eyes all over the country looking for him. You are in our prayers and know that a huge community of vets and spouses are keeping Michael’s safe return in the forefront of our thoughts daily.

    1. Becky

      Thank you, Jessica. The response has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for this website, and all the various FB sites, that have become involved.

  3. Katherine Springer

    This may be nothing but i was traveling on 80 west on the 4th and 5th and i did see a guy walking on the side of the road with a black lab carrying a backpack, but he was kind of bundled up so i have no idea what he looked like. Unfortunately i cant remember where i saw the guy. My husband and i were traveling from Casper Wyoming to Livermore California when i saw him. My prayers go with your family while you wait for word of him to be found.

    1. Alaina

      Thank you for that information!! Do you have any idea which state you may have been in when you noticed him? And was he also going west?

  4. Jennifer Nugent

    I tried to share this link on fb and it wouldn’t allow it stating the content was reported abusive. Can someone please Fb msg me a via link or page with regularly updated info? I would love to share it with my friends and missing persons organizations I correspond with. Thank you! Sending prayers up for Mike’s safe return!!

    1. Missing VeteransMissing Veterans Post author

      Thank you for wanting to share the information about Michael. Last week facebook tagged the links going to Michael’s profile on the Missing Veterans site as abusive. They gave us no warning and would not provide an explanation as to why. A day or so later, every link to our website was listed as “dangerous” in their system and nobody was able to share anything that contained a link to any page on our website. Luckily, the support personnel at facebook realized that this was a mistake and they submitted our website to be unblocked. We were finally unblocked this weekend, The link to Michael’s profile is still blocked and gives facebook users the “content was reported as abusive” message. We do not understand why facebook would block access to his page and they won’t give us a specific reason why their automated system blocked it. There is an image above these comments that shows the information for Michael. We have been sharing that and just not including any links to the website or his profile on the website in the posts. We shortened the link to his profile and listed it on that image. If anyone wants to read more about Michael or any of the other 200 plus Veterans we have listed as missing, they are encouraged to visit that link or just visit our homepage of this site. I hope this was the info yu were looking for. If not, you can contact us via a message on our facebook page or by using the contact form linked at the top of this page. Thank you.

    2. Patti E.

      For me to share I downloaded the missing veteran photo of Mike, posted to my page with some of the info and shared that way. ( idiots reporting this have nothing better to do)

  5. Kerrylee self-davies

    I have been in prayer for Mike and Charlie since I found out about Mike and Charle missing. This brings great saddness to me. Also to Mike’s family, Mike and my son Ben were buds and enjoyed many hrs. of paintball fun together. This breaks my heart and I can only keep praying …..

  6. pat wichas

    this is the family of damon wichas who went to school with mike. they were friends in high school. is there any new news about mike. We have called his dad but havent heard anything at all.we are hoping that there is news and it is good. my heart goes out to you

  7. Lisa

    Do the police help at all or do they just consider these men not missing? This is tragic. I read on another person’s missing post that the police weren’t looking because they considered that he left of his own free will. So then what do you do?? Sending prayers!!!!

  8. Rita and Gary LaChance

    Continuing to pray for Mike and Charlie’s safe return to their family. Any updates?


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