Phil J Bogenschutz

phil_bogenschultz_01Phil Bogenschutz is a U.S. Army Veteran who was last seen on February 6, 2015 after leaving his home in Hemet, California. Phil Bogenschutz purchased a dark blue in color 2011 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab a few months prior to going missing and may still be driving the vehicle.  Phil suffers from a medical condition which requires him to take insulin. Phil did not take his insulin with him when he left. Phil Bogenschutz may have ties to Colorado, more specifically the Boulder and Denver areas and may have left California en route to Colorado.

Phil Bogenschutz was 58 years old at the time he went missing in 2015. Phil is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 175 pounds. Phil has black hair and brown eyes. The truck that Phil was last seen driving is a dark blue in color 2011 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab with a “U.S. Army” stickers on the window and Denver Bronco (football team) hubcaps.

** A missing person report has not been successfully filed for Phil Bogenschutz at this time, but family members have expressed concern for his safety and have mentioned that Phil requires medication for medical issues which he does not have with him. As soon as a report is filed, we will add the contact information for the Law Enforcement Agency handling the report and move this report to the “Missing” category.  In the meantime, Phil is listed as a BOLO for people to Be on the Lookout for Phil.**

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Phil Bogenschultz, contact Phil’s wife, Debbie Bogenschutz, at 951-306-6102

** Variations of Phil’s last name have been found online to include Phil Bogenschultz (with the “L” added before the “tz”)

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  1. Rob S

    This is a copy and paste of a comment that I put on the facebook page. I figured it may be better to put it here. “After reading the profile for Phil and noticing that the profile for him was temporary because no police report had been filed, I also noticed some comments by others that said “He is not missing, he left willingly” So, I decided to try to dig into this a little. I found his wife’s facebook page and she made a comment in response to a friend’s question about her trying to do a missing person report, but the police said they could not do one because he left willingly. I am not a smart man, but who determines when someone leaves willingly and how. If he does require medication to live (insulin) and did not take the medication with him, which means that without the medication he may get very ill and possibly even die, then why would anyone in the right frame of mind leave “willingly” knowing that they were ultimately possibly imposing a death sentence on themselves unless they knew that they planned to return in time to take/use that medication. Last I checked, there was not a form that people filled out that had a checkbox that said “I agree that I am leaving willingly”. Has anyone heard of coercion? Maybe he was coerced into leaving. Regardless, there are plenty of people that leave “willingly”. Sadly, another Veteran listed here who was later found deceased left his home “willingly” to go shopping and was later found deceased due to possible exposure to the elements. I had a friend’s daughter who went missing and after about a month when she was found, it was determined that she left “willingly”, but that did not lessen the heartache and pain the family felt hoping that she was found safe. In that case, a missing person report was filed. People leave “willingly” all the time and are never seen from or heard from again. I feel for the family of this person who left “willingly” and hope he is found safe. I think that the police should have done a report, but that is just me. So, everyone that that posts online about how Phil left “willingly” should sit back and think that if a family member leaves the house “willingly” and does not return and is not heard from for an extended period of time, are they not considered missing? Are those same people going to sit back and not try to file a police report and not search for their loved one because they left “willingly”? Just curious. Thanks for what you are doing with this page. The stories need to get out there. I understand that you have your rules about which vets get posted on the site, but I hope that the wife is ultimately able to find her husband or at least get a police report filed.”


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