Ryan Oldham

Updated February 7, 2015: The search has ended for Ryan Oldham. Ryan is home. His wife made the comment on her facebok page that “****RYAN IS HOME! THANK YOU TO EVERY PERSON WHO SHARED POSTS AND PRAYED! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERY ONE! Samantha Oldham****”

SEARCH_ENDEDRyan Oldham is a U.S. Army Veteran who was Medically Discharged.  Ryan served with the 2-505 82nd Airborne 3rd Brigade from 2003-2006.  Ryan Oldham went missing from his home in Wautoma, Wisconsin on January 27, 2015.  According to this wife, Samantha Oldham, his last recorded debit card transaction was at a gas station in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.  Cottage Grove is 90 miles South of Wautoma.

Ryan Oldham was driving a Red in color 2005 Ford Escape at the time he went missing and the vehicle has the license plate 774-MTS (presumably a Wisconsin plate).  Ryan is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds.  Ryan’s hair color is dark blonde and he is likely to have an unshaven face. At the time he went missing, Ryan was wearing a green in color Columbia winter jacket and either a brown in color Cleveland Browns winter cap or a gray in color CN winter cap.

A facebook page which is popular among many Military Veterans (JTTOTS) has reported that Ryan Oldham had gone to see the movie “American Sniper” a few nights prior to his going missing and had walked out of the movie halfway through.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Ryan Oldham, contact the Wautoma, Wisconsin Police Department at 920-787-4044


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      1. Carol Lawrence

        is there any information as to why he was medically released from the army? was it a brain injury? the reason I ask is that my son has a brain injury and does strange things at times. not this serious, butit depends on where the brain injury is too.

        1. Missing VeteransMissing Veterans Post author

          If it is not publicly listed and open source, we will not list anything medical like that. HIPAA helps protect patient privacy and a lot of times that info is not openly released. If something is listed here, it was mentioned elsewhere or submitted by family members. If submitted by family member, we will reference it as such.

    1. Megan

      The wife just posted on her facebook page that RYAN IS HOME SAFE as of 4 hours ago. No other info given at this time however. God is good!!!

  1. mommy of 2

    Heartbreaking! Went to school with him in Black River Falls! Prayers to his family and hope he’s found safe

  2. B&B's mama

    Prayers for his family! I graduated with Ryan and he is a wonderful person, known him a long time & hope he is found safe! We will be praying until he comes home.

  3. Brian Borgens

    Ryan is my neighbor who lives across the street from me.We are friends and I share my lawn mower to him in the summer and my snow blower in the winter.I sure hope he returns home soon and safe.A Veteran from the U.S. Army myself I hope he does’t do anything stupid.Ryan needs to come home,his wife and daughter miss and love him very much.

  4. Tina Lesperance

    Please come home, Ryan! Your family loves and needs you. And the people of this great country, the USA, love and respect you. Please come home!


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