Timothy John Marsh

Updated November 11, 2015: The search for Mr Timothy Marsh has ended. Timothy Marsh’s approximate location was identified by a hunter and he and his dog were rescued after a coordinated effort by multiple organizations. Mr Marsh is safe and back home.

SEARCH_ENDEDTimothy John Marsh is an Army Veteran who served in the Gulf War Veteran and was reported as missing November 7, 2015 when nobody had seen him after a trip from Florence, Oregon to Newport, Oregon. Timothy John Marsh is travelling with his 12 year old golden retriever in his Ford F-250 pickup.

Timothy John Marsh is 51 years old as of the date he went missing in November 2015.  Timothy Marsh wears prescription glasses

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Timothy John Marsh, contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office at 541-682-4141.


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