Geoffrey Michael Bowen

Updated April 21, 2016: The search for Geoffrey Michael Bowen has ended. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported on April 21, 2016 that Geoffrey Michael Bowen, missing from Jackson County, was located Wednesday April 20th, in Northfield Township Michigan near US-23 near Territorial Road in a wooded area. Mr. Bowen was found deceased in his vehicle. A Michigan State Police helicopter located the vehicle in the wooded area. Northfield Township Police Officers then approached the vehicle and located Bowen, deceased. The family of Geoffrey Bowen has been notified. The investigation is being handled by Northfield Township Police. Rest in Peace Mr. Bowen.

SEARCH_ENDEDGeoffrey “Geoff” Michael Bowen is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who went missing from Brooklyn, Michigan[1] on Thursday, March 31, 2016.  Geoff Bowen is believed to be driving a 1989 Ford Bronco, dark blue with white stripes and a Michigan Marine Veteran license plate OLCC7.  The Ford Bronco has a white “Browning” decal on the top of the front windshield.  It is believed that Geoff Bowen may be accompanied by his dog named Archie. Archie is a heavier set English Bulldog who is white and brown in color. Geoff Bowen lives in Norvell Township, Michigan.

Family has shared that they believe that he may have traveled to Northern Michigan / Northern Lower Peninsula.  They believe that he may have changed the color of the Ford Bronco and mentioned that he likes to spray paint items camouflage.
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office wants to check on the welfare of Geoff Bowen and he is not wanted in connection with any crime.  On April 4, 2016, his family has shared that there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the finding of Geoff Bowen (poster shown in images below)

Geoffrey Michael Bowen is 28 years old as of the date he was last seen in March 2016. Geoff Bowen is described as a white male standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing approximately 175 pounds. Geoff Bowen has short brown hair and a short brown beard, but a screenshot from recent security camera footage (shown below) shows that he may have shaved his beard.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Geoffrey Michael Bowen, contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reference case #138-7651-16 at 517-768-7901 or dial 9-1-1. (NamUs MP # 33256)

1- Update April 6, 2016:  Jackson County Sheriffs Office confirmed Geoff Bowen went missing from Brooklyn, Michigan and not Saline, Michigan as we had previously been informed.

23 thoughts on “Geoffrey Michael Bowen

  1. John Cole (@TheDuke1787)

    Sometimes people just want to be left the f*** alone, and need some alone time to figure out how they feel about their past, and think about how they want their life to go forward. Being suphocated by well-meaning friends and family is still suphocating. When I returned home from Afgahnistan, dealing with all the attention and “support” from people back home really took a toll on me. If it wasn’t for my father’s cancer, I’d have up and left for a while myself. I don’t care what psychologists say, they haven’t been through what some of us men have. Some of us who can adjust to civilian life in a way that our family and friends can feel good about, and others who just need to find tranquility away from our friends and family. I hope Geoffery Bowen is finding his tranquility, and as a grown ass man who could serve his country like his brothers and sisters in the military, I think he is due the respect of not being coddled like a child. That is possibly what led him to leave without saying anything.

    1. Gene DeCourcey

      You are absolutely right. When I came back I did not want to have anything to do with f****** anybody. And I am still adjusting after coming out in 2008. There are days I just want to take the vehicle and drive somewhere and leave everything behind.

    2. Michael Kowalski

      You misunderstand the situation; no one would care if he just wanted to go off alone and figure things out. There’s more going on but we aren’t going to totally expose his private life online because we do respect and love him. I will say he’s been back at least 4 years has a wife and 2 young kids and is not given special attention or ‘smothering’.

    3. Michael Kowalski

      And his brother was in the core too, he got burnt to shit when an IED blew up his Humvee in Iraq. He’s out there trying to find him right now.

    4. tracey

      Maybe this is an organization only you service men can understand and rightfully so. . Is there no support group for just you’s ran by you’s. Service men/woman I mean.. After what you put on the line and the atrocities youve seenmost humas cant imagine.. why is there no retreats or help. I’m sorry for this man and the many others . I wish I could do something. If it’s any consolation the sexists men are the ones in combat gear.. fighting in situations only real men could do.. I hope he’s just doing what you said and he drops a line to anyone saying just that.. Respectfully. .

    5. Charlie

      Or sometimes it’s serious issue, and people want to find their loved ones before it’s too late. We just found out Bowen took his own life. Another 2/6 brother gone. Please don’t tell people to relax and don’t worry about. There was a reason he was put on this site.

  2. Kristine

    Praying that all out Vets find peace of mind . May they know that we are grateful for their service and thankful for each and everyone of them !
    Sister of fallen soldier
    SSG EDWARD Karolasz
    KIA 11/19/05

  3. Don Leinwand

    Taking his dog is a good sign that he has no plans on harming himself. His dog is his battle buddy. I often feel the same way. I just get in my car and want to drive until I can think. I have served for 23yrs now. I have Severe PTSD. The last thing you want to do is push or coddle. He is soul searching. It is hard for us that have seen combat or just going overseas. We get and feel lost. It is a culture shock because there are so many things that have changed. The best thing to do is give him time. Let him know that however long it takes him that you support him but don’t push.

  4. Pen

    Let him find peace within himself. My son is a Marine and when he comes home he says he hates to be around people because they get on his nerves. Marine life or any other service life gets to be a normal surrounding life for them. When they have different people around them other than marines, they think we are all idiots. The service changes them and that’s how they live. Be patient and let him have his time away for a bit.


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