About Missing Veterans

MissingVeterans.com was started in 2014 by a Veteran to help raise awareness and act as a focal point for highlighting Missing U.S. Veterans.  With the help of Volunteers and with the support of people around the United States providing tips and updates, we are able to provide a valuable resource for the Missing Veterans, their family and friends.  The MissingVeterans.com website is an all volunteer effort.  No money is asked for at any time and we do not accept donations.

We focus on Missing Veterans only and only list Veterans who went missing while not on official duty in an operation or during a conflict.  There are many resources already available for finding our Missing Brothers and Sisters who are POW/MIA.  We can best serve our Brothers and Sisters back home by focusing on those that went missing back home if we narrow our criteria.

We list Missing Veterans as we are made aware of them and have only two categories of Veterans on the MissingVeterans.com website.  Veterans who are currently missing are listed under the “Missing” category.  Veterans who are no longer missing because they have been located are listed under the “Search Ended” category.

We understand that some Missing Veterans and their Families may want a page about their Missing Veteran removed, and we respect that and will remove the page upon request, but as a general practice we leave the pages about the Missing Veterans on our site under the “Search Ended” category for the following reasons:

  • Once a Veteran goes missing and information is shared on the internet, it tends to go viral.  Many people are doing what they feel is the right thing to do by forwarding information sent to them to family and friends with the hope of helping to find the Veteran.  Unfortunately, many do not check the current status of the Missing Veteran and the information may be shared well after the Veteran has been located.  The MissingVeterans.com website can be easily searched for through search engines and a quick search for the Missing Veteran will help to determine if they are still missing.  This can stop the spreading of old information that is no longer needed and allow everyone to focus more on Veterans that are currently missing.
  • More than 49,000 Veterans are listed as Homeless by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Listing Missing Veterans, even those that have been located, helps to raise awareness to Veteran issues.
  • While Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are not a factor in all disappearances, we try to list those possible conditions when they are reported as possibly being a factor in the press and missing person reports.  In time, we may be able to gather valuable statistics that show the corelation of these factors, treatment, care and the Missing Veterans.
  • We only list publicly available information.  If it is on our site, it is on the internet, unless a family member or friend has submitted the information directly to us to be added to the site at which time we will reference where we received the information.