How You Can Help

We have received numerous emails and facebook messages from people asking how they can help the website to help find Missing Veterans.  We run this site strictly on a volunteer basis and request no funds or outside support.  Because of that, we rely on help from generous people willing to give a little bit of their time to help share information about the Missing Veterans.

The main focus for us is the website which is used as the primary source of information that we share.  We maintain one page per Missing Veteran and that page is updated with information as we receive it.  We do not create images to be used as virtual posters to share throughout the internet because long after the Missing Veteran has been located, those posters will still keep popping up and shared by internet users.  We would rather that the people be directed to the page about the Missing Veteran on our site so they can quickly confirm the status of that Missing Veteran.  If the Missing Veterans has been located, it will be mentioned at the top of the page.

We rely heavily  on social networking sites such as facebook to help raise awareness of the Missing Veterans and link to pages on the website for further information.  This is a great way to quickly share information around the world about a Missing Veteran.

We ask that anyone that is seeking to help share the information on our site.  It is really that easy and you can make a huge impact on helping to raise the awareness of not only a specific Missing Veteran, but every Missing Veteran on our website.   Below are some ways that information on the site can be shared.

  • When viewing a page about a Missing Veteran, click the social networking buttons located at the bottom and on the right of the page.  This will share the page on the social network you selected.
  • Like our facebook page.  Liking our facebook page will ensure that you see new Missing Veterans as we add them to our facebook page.  Our page is located at
  • Encourage others to like our facebook page so they can receive the same updates on Missing Veterans.
  • Share pages from our website or posts from our facebook page within facebook groups and other facebook pages that may either have members that may be interested in helping to share information about and find Missing Veterans and or are groups or pages with members that reside or work in the area where the Missing Veteran was last seen or may be heading.  Some examples may be facebook pages for newspapers, news stations, community garage sale pages in the area, Veteran-oriented groups and pages, etc..