Submit a Missing Veteran

Have you heard of a Missing Veteran?
Do you personally know of a Missing Veteran?
Do you have a feeling that a missing person may be a Veteran?

  1. Use the search form on the right side of our website to see if the the missing person’s name is already listed.
  2. If they are not listed, submit the information to use using the form below.
  3. We will review the information, verify the Veteran status and will publish a profile page.
    (Learn more by reading below.)


If you would like to have a missing Veteran added to, we ask that you provide as much information as possible about the Veteran by using the form below:

** Submitting a Missing Veteran to this website is not a substitute for contacting a local law enforcement agency. You should contact your local law enforcement agency to initiate a missing person case before you submit the information here.

** In instances where we are unable to find any information about the Missing Veteran online, we may contact the local law enforcement agency most likely to deal with the Missing Veteran’s case and request additional information or confirmation of the Missing Veteran.