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Terms and information regarding the content and use of MissingVeterans.com

MissingVeterans.com lists persons which are considered missing persons who have served in any branch of the United States Military and did not go missing while on official duty in an operation or during a conflict.  We classify this category of missing persons as “Missing Veterans”.  Our goal is to increase awareness of Missing Veterans and provide a resource for the viewing and sharing of information about Missing Veterans.

Missing Veteran Profiles:

How we obtain information about Missing Veterans

We may gather information about Missing Veterans through our own research of missing persons clearing houses, law enforcement missing bulletins, databases such as the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Systems (NAMUS.gov) or other publicly accessible resources.  We may also receive information about a Missing Veteran through one of the several methods we make available for people to contact our website to include but not limited to an email address which is routed directly to our website administration, a contact form which allows for the input of information to be sent to the website administration, direct messaging and tweets through our twitter account, and messaging and posts on our facebook page.

How we verify information about Missing Veterans

We work hard and attempt to the best of our ability to verify that a submitted missing person is not only reported missing, but also a Veteran.  We not only use open source information such as news articles, news videos, law enforcement databases and other online resources, and or direct contact with family members.  When possible, we reach out to law enforcement agencies to confirm that a missing person is indeed reported as missing.  Please understand that law enforcement agencies may not always reply to our requests for information.

Accuracy of information contained on Missing Veteran profile pages

We strive to provide accurate and relevant information on the Missing Veteran profile pages.  When possible, we cite sources or provide an informational link on the page which can lead the reader to additional information.  If you feel that information on a page is incorrect and needs to be edited and removed, please contact us and tell us about it.

Classification of Missing Veterans

We have three classifications for Missing Veterans:

  1. Missing – missing persons who have served or are serving in any branch of the United States Military who have been reported as missing.
  2. BOLO – missing persons who have served or are serving in the any branch of the United States Military who may not have been reported as missing to a law enforcement agency, but who based on information received from family and or friends we feel and agree that there is a concern for their health and welfare based upon the circumstances, medical conditions or other information
  3. Search Ended – missing persons who have served or are serving in any branch of the United States Military who were previously listed as “missing” or “BOLO” and who are not longer missing.  The persons may be no longer missing because they have been located, located safe or located deceased.  We respect the families and reserve the right to limit the information which we share when we announce that the missing person is no longer missing.

Health and Medical Information:

We do not have access to health and medical records and include any related health and medical information about the missing person only after it has been reported by news services, mentioned in missing persons bulletins or listed in one of the many sources of missing person information available on the internet.

Tips and information about Missing Veterans listed on MissingVeterans.com

We are unable to accept tips and information about the status or whereabouts of Missing Veterans listed on our website.  When possible, we list the law enforcement point of contact on the Missing Veteran’s profile and they should be contacted either directly or by using one of the anonymous reporting services such as Crime Stoppers of the law enforcement agency has one in service.  Effective March 12, 2015, we will delete and not take action on any correspondence with the MissingVeterans.com website that includes tips or information about a Missing Veteran.  It is best that anyone with tips or information about a specific Missing Veteran contact law enforcement directly to ensure accurate information is shared and received.

Removal of a Missing Veteran profile

We understand that some families, friends or the Missing Veteran themselves may want their profile removed from the MissingVeterans.com website for many different reasons.  We will be happy to comply with the request in a reasonable amount of time once we have replied to the request acknowledging we received the request.  If asked, we reserve the right to decline to provide a reason for the removal of a missing veteran profile if we feel that it would jeopardize the safety or security or the privacy of anyone.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Unless required by law enforcement, we do not share information obtained in communication with the MissingVeterans.com website other than the information which is provided to us to share on the website such as information used to help build a Missing Veteran profile.

Website Content and External Websites

We do not control the sites which we may link to from the MissingVeterans.com website or which may link to the information contained on the MissingVeterans.com website.  We will not be responsible for the content of their pages and or their usage of the information contained within the pages of MissingVeterans.com.  If you notice that we link to a site which contains information or content which is not in the best interest of our visitors, please tell us about it here.  This extends to social networks who may have account holders who share information contained within the pages of our website.

Associated Social Network Accounts

We maintain a small network of social network accounts such as a facebook page, a twitter account and a tumblr account which may contain information found on the MissingVeterans.com website.  These accounts are utilized to help stay connected with people that are interested in helping to increase awareness of Missing Veterans.

Privacy Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy, but please read the following information thoroughly to fully understand the possible extent of usage of information collected through communication with the MissingVeterans.com website through the comment system, online contact forms, @missingveterans.com email addresses, messaging and commenting through our facebook page, direct messages and tweets associated with our twitter account and communication through any other social network we may advertise as belonging to and or use to increase the awareness of Missing Veterans.  We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our visitors.  


Unless required by law enforcement, we do not share information obtained in communication with the MissingVeterans.com website other than the information which is provided to us to share on the website such as information used to help build a Missing Veteran profile.  Visitor communication is viewed by a small list of volunteers who view the information on a need to know basis as needed or required for the research and development of Missing Veteran profile pages.  We may find it necessary to share information with other parties to help validate the information, the status of the missing person (the Missing Veteran), to request additional information.  By submitting communicating with and or submitting information to MissingVeterans.com, you are giving us the right to use that information as we wish with no restrictions to help raise awareness of the missing person (Missing Veteran) the information is in reference to unless specifically stated within the communication that it should not be shared.  As mentioned above, we may be required by law enforcement to provide information collected during communication with our website and associated accounts.  Unless required or unless the sharing of the information of the original submitter of the information will aid in a law enforcement search or investigation into the missing person, we do not share the information of the original submitter of the information.  We will not share your personal information with third parties for commercial purposes.

We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. 

We do not condone spam and we will not sell or share your personal information used in communication with our website to any other party.  If you receive any email which appears to possibly originate from the @missingveterans.com domain, please forward that email to webmaster[at]missingveterans.com so we can look into the matter.

Website traffic analysis information.

We use a software program to analyze the traffic patterns to the MissingVeterans.com website to better help us to understand how we can best provide the service and support owed to our visitors.  This software is provide by google and is called google analytics.  Google analytics is widely used by many websites and we have had no known issues with security and safeguarding of information.  Please review the google analytics privacy policy for more information about what is collected and how it is safeguarded and used.

In closing

This website provides information which is shared due to a legitimate concern for the health, welfare and safety of missing persons which have been determined to be Missing Veterans.  If you feel that information contained within the pages of this website needs to be updated, edited or removed, contact ushttp://www.missingveterans.com/contact/

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